Why are we Still Trying for a Working Relationship with China?

Michelle Lee-Ann
4 min readFeb 10, 2021
Photo by Guillaume Jaillet on Unsplash

Canada has had a weird hard-on for China for years. We figured we would jump into bed with China, trade would flourish, and we’d be living happily ever after. Unfortunately, that’s not, exactly, how things panned out, surprising to no one but each prime minister who thinks it’ll work.

With the rise of demand for greener energy and kinder relations with our Earth and those that inhabit it, why are we still trying to work with China? A country who has proven over and over that they do not value any of this.

My previous boss used to complain whenever the time came for him to fly to China. It was part of a JV agreement that he would fly out to China x-number of times a year, something he did for the company, not his own excitement. He’d complain about the air quality and how he would try to book his flights to arrive on the weekend, and leave on a Tuesday, at the latest. Factories in the areas he visited are meant to shut down over the weekend, so the air quality is slightly better at the beginning of the week, than at the end.

Well, sure, you’d say, the pollution is bad, but they make everything! We need them.

Do we?

We used to make things here at home before people refused to pay for value and the cheapness of everything undercut any of this. We may be grumbling about Biden’s Buy American stance, but why shouldn’t we be doing the same? As the demand for local ramps up, why are we still trying with a country that has zero respect for animal, the environment, and their own people?

We invade countries that commit atrocities to the human race, and yet, we let China slide time and time again because our phones we can’t live without are made there. We put our trust in a country that has broken our trust time and time again, but we keep doing it because cheap products make us happy. When every country was screaming at Canada to deny Huawei, Canada was hemming and hawing, trying our best to be diplomatic and not hurt anyone’s feelings, even if the price was hurting our country.

Why? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? To the Earth? To humans and animals? Why can’t we hold people, countries accountable for their actions? Why do we need to politicize every little thing…

Michelle Lee-Ann

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