We Need to Talk About Pain Management for Women. Now.

or, the lack thereof.

Michelle Lee-Ann
7 min readMar 30


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I’ve been a woman for a few decades now, but I am just beginning to realize how absolutely abysmal so many things are for us.

The top of the list for me right now?

Pain management or the lack of any type of management. As someone who has suffered from chronic pain for nearly two decades, I know a thing or two about pain. And about doctors, essentially brushing off my complaints and not helping put in place any preventative measures.

A nurse in the ER, 15 years after I dealt with my pain, was the first to tell me what I needed to ask my doctor for and to get taken seriously. The worst is that my doctor is one of the ‘good’ ones.

I’ve had doctors tell me to lose weight in order to feel better (not an altogether horrible idea, but one that is impossible when you are stuck in a chronic pain vicious circle). And doctors who gave me wicked pain meds and those who gave me absolutely nothing. Like everything in life, it’s a bit of everything rolled into one.

Some of you may be thinking, — well, you received pain medication when needed from one doctor — that’s great!’

Sure, it really is.

He didn’t hesitate to prescribe something stronger when I stated the basic T3s did absolutely nothing for my body. But he was also the one who stated that losing a bit of weight would — magically — fix my migraine issues. What an amazing tip from a neurologist.

Women’s medical issues are hardly taken seriously for many out there, including pain management, especially when it comes to anything regarding our reproductive organs.

The other day, while perusing Reddit for a little love-hate reading, I had the lovely privilege of reading some man’s rant about his vasectomy and how he didn’t receive adequate pain meds. What he wanted were T3s and all he was given was Tylenol or Advil. This was an absolute atrocity.

Could you imagine? Having a small procedure and only being given Tylenol or Advil for the pain?

He wondered why the doctor wouldn’t prescribe a few different drugs that would help so much better with the horrible pain he was feeling. I’m…



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