Infuriating Things about Emily in Paris

Michelle Lee-Ann
4 min readFeb 24, 2021
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If you’ve ever been to Paris before, chances are you were annoyed with a few things in Emily in Paris. It was such a classic rude American abroad story that I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at the stupidity. I may be a little late to the Emily in Paris review game, but I was thinking about it late last night and couldn’t get these annoyances out of my head, so now they’re in a grumpy old rant in a nice, easy listicle here for you to enjoy.

Okay, Emily is clearly not paying attention to anything around her, which is apparent in more than just her stupidity about food. The scene where she is in the Ralph Lauren restaurant with another American is so unimaginative it’s sigh inducing. Here, Emily complains of not getting a burger in Paris and joyfully orders one off the menu, beyond excited that the menu is in english, because what would be worse than moving to a foreign country and actually having to learn the language? First off, McDonald’s exists in Paris and you can order a beer with your meal, so it’s already kicking America’s butt. So do lots of restaurants that serve burgers. So do restaurants that are all about burgers. My favourite burger joint in Paris? Paris New York. Delicious as fuck.

The Language Barrier.
Okay, so she had to leave fairly quickly and didn’t have much time to learn the language. Fair. But, she seems confused as to why people want to speak the language of their own country and won’t cater to her every whim. She does, eventually, try to learn the language, but her complete rudeness that not everyone will bow down to her American needs makes me want to vomit.

Plain Rude
When she tells her neighbour how stupid it is that the first floor begins on the second floor (and the main ground level floor is actually zero), I can’t. She has just met him and sounds like a complete ass. It’s kind of weird that this is a thing, and can be confusing at time, but it also makes sense. Why would the main floor be the first floor? It’s the main floor, so zero. Honestly, I go back and forth on this and have to remind myself that an apartment on the 5th floor without an elevator is actually 6 flights of stairs and I better be prepared to get my exercise in.
Complain about things all you want, you don’t have to like everything from a country, but…



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