I Trashed my Old Blog and Started New

Am I an idiot?

Michelle Lee-Ann
4 min readSep 14


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For the last couple of years, my blog just wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t have much time to do anything for it, to be fair, since I was busy adjusting to my new role in life as a mother. But, before I became a mother, I wasn’t feel my blog the way I thought I should. The way you feel when you write and the passion just flows through you — at least, 75% of the time. Not everything is wonderful all of the time, but it should feel great 75% of the time, or as close to that as you can. Paperwork and that stuff sucks.

I wasn’t sure where I should go. Should I continue blogging, churning away the same lifestyle posts that I wasn’t really interested in anymore? I could make listicles of my favourites for days. Etsy is a grand place to browse around, easy to post hundreds of links for some affiliate money (although, the affiliate program sucked and it may be partly my fault, but also the programs fault). But, I didn’t really want to do that. At least, not at that scale. Not daily, not weekly, not even monthly.

I use Medium as a place to write whatever comes to mind, creating a hodgepodge of posts for any of the readers I have to come and enjoy. I posted stuff from my blog here, and some stuff just comes to mind (like this post). I know that certain posts may sound like babbling, but to me, Medium isn’t a place where I make money, so I use it as a writing exercise, as a place to just get out my feelings and opinions and tell stories.

Except, I can’t just go around not making money. For one, my travel habit does not work well with that type of mindset. For another, groceries and bills.

I’ve never really cracked the code of Medium. I even wrote every day for a month, and absolutely dick all happened. Perhaps I don’t write what people want to read. Perhaps I don’t write enough click bait. Perhaps I’m not as interesting as I think. Whatever it is, it isn’t working and I’ve tweaked things to no success, so onto the next thing.

I Wrote 32 Stories in one Month on Medium | by Michelle Lee-Ann | Medium

So, instead of just re-branding my blog, using all of the followers I had, and keeping those daily hits, I just scrapped the whole damn thing.



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