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I used to read. A lot. I love getting a new book and diving into the characters and their lives. I still own every single Babysitter’s Club book because classics never go out of style. I had books (nice old ones, not the Babysitter’s Club) as decor at my wedding. I have a quote from Oscar Wilde on my wrist. I have many quotes from Hunter S. Thompson on my walls.

Except, I barely read.

Not really. Not truly. Yeah, I’ll pack books for vacation, and happily read for hours during rainy days at the lake, but I don’t read…

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If you’ve ever been to Paris before, chances are you were annoyed with a few things in Emily in Paris. It was such a classic rude American abroad story that I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at the stupidity. I may be a little late to the Emily in Paris review game, but I was thinking about it late last night and couldn’t get these annoyances out of my head, so now they’re in a grumpy old rant in a nice, easy listicle here for you to enjoy.

Okay, Emily is clearly not paying attention to anything around her, which…

Social Media has Become Exhausting and So Not Worth the Effort

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Recently, I’ve taken a step back from social media. It’s just not giving me what I want, anymore. It’s causing me more stress than it’s worth, so I’m taking a break. Don’t worry, I’m still creeping on everyone’s photos, scrolling through my feed to often for my own comfort, but I’ve stopped posting. I’ve stopped posting to my personal account, and I’ve stopped posting to my blog account, most likely a death sentence to my blog, but I couldn’t give a tiny rat’s ass, anymore.

I’m yearning for closer…

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Trying to make it as a writer is one of the most exhaustive things here on this lovely place we call Earth. It’s even more exhausting, now. Before, you would submit your stories to magazines, newspapers, and journals, submit your manuscripts to publishers and that would be it. You’d work your butt off, get a bunch of rejection letters, and eventually, make it through to the other side. At least, that’s how the story goes. Today, it’s more than just writing. You need social media presence, you need to market yourself, you need to be an amazing photographer — or…

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Yesterday, I felt completely exhausted. I hadn’t been sleeping well in almost two weeks, waking up in the middle of the night once or twice. Pair that with the fact that our furnace wasn’t working properly, thus making the house a chilly 16 degrees, I didn’t want to do anything. As in, making lunch seemed too annoying to do.

At first, I leaned into snuggling on the couch under 5 blankets and a cozy cat. I happily watched TV on my phone, my head barely peaking out from underneath the warm blankets. It felt amazing to just sit and zone…

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Canada has had a weird hard-on for China for years. We figured we would jump into bed with China, trade would flourish, and we’d be living happily ever after. Unfortunately, that’s not, exactly, how things panned out, surprising to no one but each prime minister who thinks it’ll work.

With the rise of demand for greener energy and kinder relations with our Earth and those that inhabit it, why are we still trying to work with China? A country who has proven over and over that they do not value any of this.

My previous boss used to complain whenever…

And, nothing happened.

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Like most of those who open the Medium app, I’m accosted with posts talking about making $5,000 or $10,000 a month on Medium. There are people making bank, and they’ll fill you in on the secret to making bank, too! Like an idiot, I click on these posts. I simply can’t help it; I mean, click bait works for a reason. It’s always the same old same old stuff written, telling you to write a lot, make your own publication, or submit to publications. …

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Why is it that everyone wants to write about Paris? That artists, both from Hemingway and the Fitzgeralds to Jay Z and Kanye West, flock to the area? Is it the artistic glamour that is found all over the city? The calm that washes over you as you sit in café, sipping a café au lait, people watching or gazing out into the Seine from your perch on the banks? The awe felt at the dedication to keeping history preserved and integrated into daily life (even if that preservation pays off in millions of tourist dollars pouring in) with their…

Blame Covid

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A month back my husband and I hunkered down to watch an action movie. We hadn’t watched a movie in a good long while, as we’ve been too preoccupied with bingeing shows. I was excited as I love all things action. Then, a really horrible part came, and an animal got killed. Not in real life, of course, but my brain didn’t care. I had a full breakdown.

I became irrationally angry and went upstairs to try to cool down and maybe watch something that would give my brain all the good feels. My brain had a different idea as…

Maybe you need a hard look in the mirror, instead of a sober month

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So, Dry January is well over and people who have been abstaining for a month are now, most likely, reaching happily for that bottle of wine or beer. I have a bone to pick with Dry January/November/whatever month. Surprise, surprise. What is the point of it? Does everyone really need a month of sobriety to get themselves in check? And, if that’s the case, maybe they need to give themselves a hard look in the mirror if they need to abstain from drinking for a full month, only to revert back to their old ways.

I’m not judging those who…

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